Exhibition Representative Service

Exhibition Representative Service

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 Exhibition Representative Service refers to the service that an enterprise does not need to arrive at the exhibition site, but instead the client of the enterprise takes the place of the enterprise to attend the exhibition. It is a solution proposed to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the difficulties of participating in the exhibition abroad.


  The client replaces the enterprise to attend the exhibition service


The European and American markets are saturated and the competition is becoming more and crueler.



For many small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a practical way to open up new markets by letting enterprises publicize their products to foreign target markets and obtain information about intended customers without going abroad.


At a time when European and American markets are saturated and competition is becoming more and more cruel         

  If foreign enterprises want to open up the Chinese market, the most direct and effective way is to go to the local exhibition in China. Most of China carries out trade in the form of chambers of commerce, while chambers of commerce organize trade fairs to gather foreign trade businessmen from all over the world to participate in exhibitions in their own countries, so that their enterprises can communicate with foreign customers at the exhibitions.         

  Exhibition is one of the most effective and commonly used means of foreign trade promotion. It is an important way for foreign trade enterprises to meet new customers, expand trade cooperation, increase trade volume, establish enterprise image, publicize enterprise products and expand brand awareness.          

 In the 18 years of rapid economic development between China and the rest of the world from 2001 to 2019, more and more enterprises are firmly locked in the Chinese market. Participation in local exhibitions in China is one of the quickest and most effective ways to expand the Chinese market.            China holds hundreds of trade exhibitions every year, covering hot industries such as auto parts, medical treatment, chemical industry, machinery and so on. They are of great commercial value.


Agent exhibition service is a solution proposed by Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce to help Foreign SMEs to solve the difficulty of participating in the exhibition in China. Foreign enterprises only need to provide detailed information about their companies and products, translate the information from Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce into Chinese vison and make a beautiful exhibition page, which is attended and distributed by our local office in China. After the exhibition, the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce collects the exhibitors ‘information and the most purchasing intention buyers' information, which is attached to the exquisite and detailed report of the exhibition and provided to enterprises.


Difficulties in Exhibiting in China

  • Long distance, inconvenient transit and high cost, _
  • Language and culture barriers are so great that accompanying translators should be hired locally to influence the promotion effect of the exhibition.
  • High overall costs, bring greater cost pressure to enterprises

 Advantages of Exhibition Service on behalf of Exhibitors

  1. Take root in China and serve enterprises

The trustee should have offices and fixed partners in China, and maintain close cooperation with local chambers of Commerce for many years. Compared with domestic exhibition companies, overseas teams have a better understanding of the local cultural background of China and are more comfortable in the operation and promotion of exhibitions.

2   Rich experience in promotion of foreign trade fairs, oriented by marketing results            Agent exhibition service focuses on helping enterprises to collect information about potential customers, increase business opportunities, and grasp industry dynamics. Particular attention is paid to helping enterprises to improve the success rate of converting buyer information into actual orders.

  1. Systematic exhibition promotion process to save costs and improve the effect Professional design team , personalized promotional leaflets for Foreign enterprises, comprehensively enhance the brand image of enterprises, help enterprises to precisely deliver the promotional leaflets to local buyers in China, expand the exposure rate of enterprises, and win the favor of more buyers. At the same time, it collects a large amount of buyer information for enterprises, and collates and classifies potential agents and high-quality buyers after the exhibition. Professional exhibition process can save costs for you and improve the effect of the exhibition.

 The Difference between Traditional Exhibition and Exhibition Representative Service

 Traditional exhibition services are provided by exhibition companies to obtain exhibition booths for enterprises and help them arrange exhibition booths. Enterprises need to equip themselves with exhibitors, transport samples, and publicize their products to buyers in the exhibition. This is the way most enterprises adopt now. Exhibition agent refers to a kind of propaganda activity in which enterprises do not need to arrive at the exhibition site, but are replaced by their clients. It is a solution proposed to help small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the difficulties of participating in the exhibition abroad, so that enterprises can publicize their products to the target market abroad without going abroad, and obtain the information and materials of intended customers, and to many small and medium-sized enterprises. As far as the industry is concerned, it is quite a practical way to open up new markets.





Traditional Exhibition Service


Exhibition Representative Service


Participation Goal


Material assistance for enterprises only

Do the most professional field promotion for enterprise products and core business




Providing booths, arranging booths and accommodation for enterprise exhibitors in foreign countries

Chinese explanations of enterprise products, purchasers and interested customers collecting and Exhibition report making





Things are not satisfactory


get twice the result with half the effort







  1. Different purposes of exhibition      

 Traditional exhibition companies only provide material assistance to enterprises, not involving the promotion of company products and core business; while on behalf of exhibitors, we do the most professional on-site promotion of enterprise products and core business, and get real intention customers. 

  1. Service content is different      

The services provided by the exhibition company to enterprises may include providing booths, arranging booths, dining and lodging of exhibitors in foreign countries, or providing accompanying translators, etc. It does not involve the company's business. The company should equip itself with exhibitors, prepare exhibition materials and go abroad to participate in the exhibition. Instead of the need for enterprises to go abroad on their own behalf, the company will take the place of enterprises to attend the exhibition all the way. Our services provided by the company include the production of exquisite promotional leaflets, the explanation of enterprise products and core business, the collection of intentional customer information, the collection of purchaser information and the production of exquisite and detailed exhibition reports. 

  1. Different effects of exhibition         

It is easy for enterprises to attend the exhibition in person because the purpose of the exhibition is not clear, the training of exhibitors is not in place, the layout of exhibition booths is unreasonable, and the preparation of exhibition materials is insufficient, which leads to the unsatisfactory effect of the exhibition. If a third party with rich experience is entrusted to the exhibition, it will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Firstly, on behalf of exhibitors, companies generally have offices in the exhibition site, which can make full use of local resources to promote the exhibition; secondly, on behalf of exhibitors, they have experienced local exhibitors, who use the most authentic local language to introduce the products and core business of enterprises, invisibly closing the distance with the purchasers; thirdly, the local people know the local people best; Habits, introduced by local people to enterprise products, will make your products stand out among many exhibitors, and win the favor of purchasers!. 

  1. Costs are different      

Traditional exhibitions have to be exhibited in person. If they go to China, they have a long way to go, difficult visas, incompetent language, inconvenient transportation of samples, and consume a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The cost is quite high. On behalf of the exhibitors, the third party is entrusted by the enterprises to participate in the exhibition, relying on the offices and local resources and contacts established by the third party enterprises in China, to help enterprises publicize their products at the exhibition, and the cost of the enterprises is relatively small. 

Through the integrated marketing of websites, exhibitions, chambers of commerce, supply and demand meetings, CD-ROMs, magazines, newspapers and other channels, and multimedia, it covers the whole of China, and further promotes the upsurge of online purchasing by Chinese buyers, so that members who do not attend overseas exhibitions can also obtain buyers brought by the exhibition. Through Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce

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