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 It’s Colón’s turn to shine. Colón is already a hub of international commerce being the largest merchandise redistribution zone in the western hemisphere. It is a vital part of Panama, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, due to the Panama Canal. Yet Colón has been among the least developed regions for decades. 

The conditions are ripe for Colón to become the next great trade and travel destination when one considers the accelerated growth in the Caribbean Basin, emerging clean energy solutions, the growing global interest in ecotourism, increasing professional mobility, general globalization, and the wealth of beachfront locations. 



ropelling economic development in Colón several industries have been receiving major investments in new and modernizing infrastructure. Following such investments from China such as Isla Margarita, and plans for new investments in clean energy from Three Gorges Dam, transport infrastructure and agricultural sectors, paving the way for local governments, community organizations and the private sector to collaborate in accelerating growth. Towards this end, Coral Reef Development Group, LLC. (CRDG) proposes the new “Ara International Trade Center”, whose economic development responsibility extends across the entire province of Colón – their combined synergies could revolutionize the province of Colón creating well paid jobs for the locals, improving health, education and socio economic growth among other benefits.

CRDG envisions Colón as becoming a “New International Destination” – with a build out of a logistics corridor including a world class trade market/convention center, hotels, hospital, a multi-cultural center,  industrial park, casino, office complexes, retail centers, residential housing and much more. We plan to utilize innovative eco-sustainable development designs and materials, preserving and blending with the Caribbean culture and rich natural environment.
We-CRDG in conjunction with The Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce (P.R.C.C.) headed by Chairman Holmes Stoner and our established strategic partnerships plan to drive the progress of Colon through the development of local industries via community engagement, education and multiple international delegations. This includes but is not limited to providing services such as new job skill training and retraining, career coaching and job placement, entrepreneurial training and other relevant resources. Our goal is to ensure the people in the Port City of Colón remain competitive in the marketplace as our development projects evolve and create shifts in jobs and careers demand. 

 CRDG will coordinate and establish multiple delegations from each industry sector for exchange and transfer of technology between countries, commercial & industrial companies, manufacturers, hospitality, and others based on the products and services they provide; the effect of which will be agreements between all involved to bring the “Ara International Trade Center” destination into fruition. 

This “New International Destination”, also a spectacular place to live, would become a dynamic bustling Caribbean community. A plethora of jobs would be created in a variety of industries – from the more traditional to the most progressive – including transportation and logistics, technology, design, construction, maintenance, healthcare, and hospitality, tourism, to name a few - creating an economy where opportunity and prosperity are widely shared.

For further information, please email :office@pacrimcc.org


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