Solemn statement about the misappropriation of the portal’s information of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce

        Recently, an organization (or individual) was found to illegally copy our Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce portal. The counterfeit website used the logo and website name of the Chamber of Commerce and used the copyrighted pictures, videos and files without authorization, which seriously damage the reputation of our Chamber of Commerce.Regarding these illegal infringements, Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce declares as follows: 

  • Phishing website domain name http://pacificrimchamber.org,is the name of their website which is an illegal website without the authorization of the of Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce.We remind users to pay attention to identifying the domain name when visiting the website.Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce has only one official portal website at the following URL:pacrimcc.org above counterfeit website and other similar websites have nothing to do with the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce 

  • With regard to such illegal infringements, our chamber of commerce has taken necessary measures.We require the above-mentioned organization (or individual) to stop the illegal infringement immediately and will reserve the right to take further legal action against it in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and our member . 

        In addition, we hereby remind users and all sectors of the society to be vigilant and not to be deceived.If you find similar websites mentioned above, you can contact us by e-mail office@pacrimcc.org

       This statement is hereby declared.

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