Founder and Chairman
Holmes Howard Stoner Jr.     

Chairman and Executive Director PRCC
 Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce

  Mr. Stoner has spent the last 36 years as Chairman of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and the American International Business Council. The mission was to set up and administrate international business development, consulting services and business relations in the major emerging markets throughout the world. He personally manages the worldwide policies and agenda.
        He has worked with most PacRim Governments closely setting up promotions for Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange Programs as well as financing programs.
        Since 2001 we have recruited over 555,000 businesses from 24 countries to participate in many of our programs and reach their goals to establish and operate their business. All told, our members employ more than 11,350,000 workers throughout the world.
        Our headquarter office is located in Marina Del Rey, California. In addition we have offices internationally in Vancouver, Seoul, Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Delhi and Shanghai as well as Kuala Lampur and Sydney in the Pacific Rim. Our field officer in Europe and the EC is headquartered in the UK with an outlet in London.


 Board of Director
Shakeel Latimer.jpg
Shakeel Latimer     

Board of Director (Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce)  

If you think the world of finance is boring, you’ve haven’t met Shakeel Latimer. Shakeel turns “normal” business upside down. With an extensive background in banking, corporate finance, and market trading, including his his role as the Head Trader of Arcacia Capital Fund in Liechtenstein, Shakeel brings a wealth of valuable experience to the PRBC: his investment activities span earth works, housing construction, boutique pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and financial education.

Shakeel is a disruptor by nature and believes in using finance to make the world a better place.   He sees industries not as they currently operate, but as they will pivot and develop over the coming decades. Shakeel eschews the traditional distance between personal values and profiteering; he is less interested in making a quick dollar, and keen on developing relationships that can grow for years to come. Shakeel serves as the President of the PRBC’s Board of Advisors..


 Board of Director
Manolo Cevallos     

Chairman/President (U.S. Latino American Chamber of Commerce)
Board of Director (Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce)

Mr. Cevallos is a U.S. Citizen. He is a Doctor of International Politics and Government Finance, expert Business Administration and marketing, he also has experience for over 25 years in Journalism. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the State of California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CAHCC) for the last ten years. He is the Founding Board Member and current President and CEO of the U.S. Latino American Chamber of Commerce (USLACC) which has grown into one of the largest Latino Chambers of Commerce. He served as the President of U.S. Ecuadorean American Chamber of Commerce. He is member of the board of Directors of the Global Project Development Foundation which promotes social and humanitarian development in developing countries.


 Board of Director
Manuel Canales
Manuel Canales     

Member of the Board of Directors PRBC - Pacific Rim Business Council

Manuel Canales has been in International Trade and Development since the early 80's, with International Broadcasting, Communications (Multinational) organizations.

Manuel has been collaborating with the Pacific Rim Business Council for several years now and with this new appointment to the Board of Directors of the PRBC-Pacific Rim Business Council we look forward to Asia and all Pacific Rim countries Trade developments.

Since early 2007, started working with Sustainable Developments and Renewable Energy. 


 PRCC Director
Liza LI     

Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
Success (British) Joint Development Company LTD

Liza Li is the Founder and CEO of Success (British) Joint Development Group Co,.Ltd. Over the last 12 years .her business covered 12 countries. Providing professional procurement and supply chain service for the construction machinery and mining equipment. She also owns a subsidiary of domestic trade enterprise and valve manufacturing plant. She convinced that success would not have happened without an effective response to the market demands, but most importantly . The concept of "Management Quality "is the key to bring out the best in people.


 Executive  Director  
Mark Carvalho USMC Veteran    

Mark Carvalho is well know in the fields of Green, Clean and Environmental Technologies.Since the year 2000, Mark has contributed to Major projects internationally in implementin Sustainable technologies. He is a visionary in Clean energy, water treatment and sustainable Agricultural programs for the past twenty years.He serves on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Rim Business Council American International Chamber and The Green Alliance International.


Who WE ARE  


Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce(PRCC) is the leading business organization in the Business Council of Pacific Trade Zone representing the interests of large, medium and small business throughout the Pacific Rim desiring to expand or open their business.  Its membership is made up of thousands of member companies, as well as local chambers of commerce and professional and trade associations listed in their international directory.  


The Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) is a non-profit international business organization comprised of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders from across the globe whom are engaged in trade and industry within the International chamber of commerce region of the world.  

UN Global Compact

PRCC joined the United Nations Global Compact network. The Global Compact network includes a number of important business associations representing leading companies from around the world. These associations are well known for their thought-leadership and private-sector expertise on critical issues related to sustainable development and corporate citizenship.  


PRCC is a fast growing business organization uniting over 9000 American and international companies operating in the country. 


Our mission is to promote the development of trade investment opportunities between all countries, worldwide, with the highest concentration in the Asia Pacific region and is now expanding into South Asia, Europe and Africa.